Stop and Enjoy the World

I was stood in the centre of Bristol a few days ago, waiting to meet Kayleigh. Looking around, watching Bristol pass me by I glanced toward the sky.

It was a beautiful sky and a plane was over head, leaving a sunset-lit trail. My first thought was “I wish I could get a decent picture of this to capture this moment.”

It hit me that I was actually spending my time thinking about the type of camera/lens I would need to get a good picture, where I’d share it, what people would think etc. I should have been just taking in the sight and enjoying the moment.

It seems that the world is becoming obsessed with capturing our moments, rather than enjoying them. Take a look at any concert or gig and you’ll see something like this:

What are these people hoping to achieve? The image will be crap, the sound won’t be worth listening to. Their ticket was proof they were there. I can only assume that these people are acting under the assumption that this will help them hold on to the experience. Even though watching a video recorded on your phone in the dark is not going to be even close to the experience they could have been having had they simply put their phones away.

The world is alive, there are new experiences to be had everyday. We need to stop living in the past and forever looking back. Go out and live a little.


5 Responses to “Stop and Enjoy the World”

  1. Or get Google Glass and enjoy the best of both worlds!

    Advertising Google products aside, I do agree with what you’ve said here

  2. I remember watching MetallicA and James Hetfield (the lead singer) said somethign to this effect in between songs. The saddest thing was some people ignored him. Younger people do this too often in my opinion.

    However I think there is obviously a time and a place for photos and I do think sharing experiences makes them much more valuable, this is much better in person but being able to have and image to go with your story when your telling it (even if it is a crappy photo) is good. I took two really nice photos at the gig I talked about earlier (poor quality phone shots) but they showed some of the lasers and stage that I would have struggled to explain with words alone, it only took seconds to do at the time but I was able to blog about it later and show people like my parents.

    I think I would have quite liked to see your picture of the sky and know you were having a nice day, but I don’t feel like I’ve missed out. Even though it would have only taken a few second at the end of your moment it’s amazing how a few seconds of distraction can make you lose focus. I think a bigger problem is when you are sharing things when you are actually with people, take a photo or two sure but share/ edit it later if it’s going to impact a conversation. Something cool I’ve been doing a few times when out for meals is getting everyone to stack their phones on the table and ignore them until the end of the meal.

    Nice post.

  3. I nearly lost that comment becasue I had to sign into wordpress – can you make it so you can login with google to comment? Thank goodness I copy and pasted it I would have cried!

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